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Tech Tubs


Technology aids in the ability of students on the Alternate Curriculum to reach their educational goals. It acts as a reinforcer in the areas of reading readiness skills, Sentence building, reading comprehension, and math concepts. The Unique Learning System subject matters are introduced by using technical support. It is also used to play videos that relate to thematic vocabulary words. They tend to comprehend each vocabulary word more efficiently when provided with a visual aid. Students are fully engaged when subject matters are introduced to them on technology and are more eager to learn. They tend to view their learning process as enjoyable entertainment versus a redundant less appealing teaching method

  • Danielle Patridge Room 11

At Salvin, every classroom has access to these Tech Tubs to help each student access curriculum and to benefit from the ever growing amount of technology out there for our students.  With the inclusion of the Apple TV with the Tech Tub, teachers can wireless connect these Ipads to projectors increasing learning to the entire classroom and support all students, even those with visual difficulties.  With the functionalities such as switch control and guided access on these devices, more students can access and engage in learning using this technology.