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clean up

Do not forget about clean up!


The following are recipes that you can download and use with your students.  Recipes may differ slightly from what you are doing, for example, perhaps your cupcake recipe includes a few different ingredients or you are baking a cake, please feel free to download and adjust the recipes as you need.  They are all in PowerPoint form so they can be edited and saved again. 



1.  Place ingredients, utensils, bowls, etc., on a different table so that students must use the recipes to get the ingredients themselves

2.  Understandably, spilling ingredients can be a concern.  In order to allow students to participate as much as they can, use the larger measuring cups with handles to help with pouring

3.  For mixing and blending, use a PowerLink to support students with motor difficulties and those developing cause and effects skills


Cooking Lesson
Working together as a class on a cooking lesson to create delicious cupcake snacks to eat!