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Life Skills Lab

We have been working hard in the Independent Living Skills Lab! The students are working on their cooking skills and learning to work independently. They are discovering how to read a recipe, prepare ingredients, and practice good hygiene in the kitchen. There are rules posted in the kitchen which we go over at every visit, so that students understand and remember expectations and safety while cooking. They are also improving their communication skills by trying new foods and telling each other what they like and don’t like! We started with easy items, like trail mix, popsicles, and milkshakes, and we have gradually moved up to baking items like cupcakes and cookies. We have even made a full dinner for Thanksgiving, including chicken, sides, gravy, and dessert! The students love to work in the Independent Living Skills lab – and they don’t just cook. It is set up like a small apartment, complete with a “living room” and “bedroom”, so that the students can practice daily living skills, like making the bed, sorting and folding laundry, hanging up clothes, even vacuuming! The students are proud to show off their work and feel so accomplished after a visit to the Independent Living Skills lab. For many students at Salvin, it is their favorite place on campus!