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Principal: Natalie Smith
Principal: Natalie Smith

My name is Natalie Smith and I am the proud Principal of Salvin Special Education Center. As Principal at Salvin, I hope to continue to build relationships with families. My goal is to continue the hard work and dedication set forth by our teachers, assistants, and support providers.  It is important that our children remain safe and cared for as they continue to learn and develop life long skills here at Salvin.  The Salvin staff and I are working together to provide a school environment that is welcoming to students and their families. Through our school wide positive behavior support program we encourage our SEALS to be Safe, Engaged, Accountable, Learners. I am humbly honored to serve Salvin students and their families as we cultivate confident, independent, life long learners.

Faculty & Staff



  • Natalie Smith


  • Celia Gomez

Supervisor for Assistants

  • Sonya Godfrey

School Administrative Assistant

  • Mirna Castillo
Office Staff

Office Technician

  • Ana Moreira
Cafeteria Staff

Cafeteria Manager

  • Audra Minter
Building Managment Crew

Plant Manager

  • Edgar Almazan

Building & Grounds

  • Alexander Paiz
  • Camilo Moreno
  • Damien Rodriguez
Athletic Department

Adapted Physical Education Teacher

  • Tracy Zollner
ART Department
Teachers & Support

Elementary Teachers

    Peter Clayton   (Room 24)
    • Debra Hopkins, Jeneen Munoz, Cheryl Richie, Juan Victoria
    Siomara Cortave (Room 41)
    • Lorena Guzman, Duan Scott, Milton Navarrete 

Middle School Teachers

  • Joy Yuvienco   (Room 1)
    • Denise Johnson, Fredy Lozano, Maria Muneton
  • Olga Borge   (Room 3)
    • Alma Carbino, Tamara Johnson, Susan Osorio
  • Mayra Pelayo   (Room 6B)
    • Lesly Chavez, London Scott, Tanika Murphy, Ernestine Williams
  • Danielle Patridge  (Room 11) 
    • Darryl McClain, Olga Estrada 
  • Glendarice Palacio  (Room 13)
    • Lorena Rodriguez, Nora Herrera, Natalie Hernandez
  • Caroline Vasquez   (Room 14)
    • Estephani Flores, Elvia Olague
  • George Weggler   (Room 16)
    • Raul Villa, Kendra Boyd
  • Eloi Ramirez (Room 21)
    • Wendy Silva, Monica Villa
  • Rebecca Thomas  (Room 39)
    • Sonia Alvardo, Wylene Fletcher
  • Joy Pavillar
Classroom Support Staff

Pupil Service and Attendance

  • Michael Hudson

School Psychologist

  • Collete Dolland

Occupational Therapist

  • Kevin Gray

Physical Therapist

  • Tori Guzman

Assistive Technology

  • Vladimir Gaxiola

Communication Support

  • Julian Behncke

Recreation Therapist

  • Debora Zelaya