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Our amazing heated pool allows our kids to enjoy the water year round.  The pool is supported by lifeguards and includes a variety of support bars and floaters to allow all kids, regardless of abilities, to enjoy the water.


We are grateful for the donations and support from Sound Mind Sound Body who have helped us to create this amazing gym for our students to use.  This space helps our kids stay in shape and have fun!


Kids can explore a variety of books and develop their literary skills.  Multiple size appropriate tables are available so that all kids, tall, small, wheelchair or gait trainer can engage with each other and their teacher. 

Community Room

At Salvin Special Education Center, education at our school goes beyond just the classroom.  A community room where students can engage in everyday activities such as cooking including using a stove and mixer, vacuuming, or doing dishes.  We want to encourage our students to engage in activities at school and work on every day life skills that they can use outside as well.

Sensory Room

With support from donors Pico Union Neighborhood Counsil and ANNA (Adams Normandie Neighborhood Association) for our lights and other fantastic donors who support our school, our kids have access to a fun sensory room where kids can explore and engage in different textures and play structures.  This room has a variety of mats to allow all kids to move around safely and play.

Sensory Room