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Ways to bind

Hole Punch & Binder Rings
Binding Machine and SpinE
Binding 2

Communication Boards

CoreBoard w/Fringe
Large CoreBoard
1 x 4 Coreboard
1 x 4
3 x 3 Coreboard

* Keep in mind, Coreboard books that are double sided, mirror what is on the front of the book to the back.  This allows you to know exactly what your student sees without having to peek over.  Instead you can hold it up right in front of your student and know where to point.


These books are meant to be printed out and placed into sheet protectors in a 3 ring binder.  It is a simple print and go!

I would like to thank Irene Parocua-Nelson, LAUSD AAC Consultant for translating the Coreboard words into Spanish.

Interactive Coreboards

This is a board that students can interact with via Zoom remote control.  The red boxes will light up indicating what box a student has pressed.  To use, you must first start the slideshow.  You can move through the presentation by pressing the KEYBOARD arrow keys.

This board allows you learn signs or gestures associated with each coreword.  Keep in mind that we are not teaching ASL but providing you a motor movement to associate with a word for a student to learn and use.