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Classroom List

At Salvin, we have a variety of different Special Day Class Programs created to served the unique needs of our students.  Students are placed into these programs through their IEP teams, who decide which program can best support each individual child.  The following are a list of teachers and amazing support staff that teach and care for our students every day.  

Autism Program (Aut)                                        

  • Siomara Cortave (Elementary)
    • ​​​​​Lesly Chavez, Lorena Guzman 
  • George Weggler (Middle/High School)
    • Raul Villa, Kendra Boyd, Duan Scott


Intellectual Disabilities Severe Program (IDS)

  • Rebecca Thomas (Middle/High School)
    • Sonia Alvarado, Elvia Olague


Multiple Disabilities Severe Program (MDS)

  • Olga Borge (Middle/High School)
    • Jeneen Munoz, Cariel Palencia
  • Joy Yuvienco (Middle/High School)
    • Denise Johnson, Fredy Lozano, Wylene Fletcher, Ernestine Williams
  • Mayra Pelayo (Middle/High School)
    • Alma Carbino, Blanca Vasquez, Tamara Johnson


Multiple Disabilities Program (MD)

  • Peter Clayton (Elementary)
    • Maria Muneton, Debra Hopkins, Tamika Murphy,
  • Glendarice Palacio (Middle/High School)
    • Lorena Rodriguez
  • Eloi Ramirez (Middle/High School)
    • Wendy Silva, Monica Villa, Milton Navarrete
  • Caroline Vasquez (Middle School)
    • Estephani Flores, London Scott, Olivia Hall
  • Danielle Patridge (Middle School)
    • Darryl McClain, Olga Estrada