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Black History Museum

For their first field trip together, Room 14 and Room 21 visited the California African-American museum. It was so exciting to go out and explore a new place for the first time in over two years! And, thanks to a partnership between LAUSD and Los Angeles Metro, we were able to take public transportation to the museum with free student TAP cards! For some students, it was their first time riding a public bus. But the students were naturals! They listened, followed directions, and sat quietly on the bus, and our students using wheelchairs were helped onto the bus by the driver and Salvin staff. When we got to the museum, the students were so excited! They were amazed at the big, beautiful space and the amazing artwork the museum had to offer. We split into small groups and walked around the museum. We saw a history of automobile factory workers in photographs, colorful sculptures, artifacts and statues from African countries, and a special exhibit about debutantes. The students loved the pictures of young ladies in gorgeous dresses! We were having so much fun, we could hardly believe it when it was time to go. We took the bus back to Salvin, glad to be back but exhilarated from all the fun we had!