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Accessing Technology

Assistive Technology

Blender switchA variety of different assistive technologies are available which will allow each of our students to play and interact with their school materials and environment.  For many of our students, motor or cognitive difficulties stop them from being able to fully engage in many different activities.  However, with assistive technology our students can: Ipad Switch


-   turn on blenders to make delicious smoothies

-   turn on radios to listen to their favorite music

-   access different tablet applications to fully engage and use the technology provided in the classroom

-   turn on lights to brighten any activity

-   make amazing art projects using spinners

-   play drums and start a dance party

-   type out a story about school


With support from teachers and staff, students can engage in new and exciting activities!

Big Blu Keyboard
Comm Support
Supports to talk to office staff

Communication Support

Picture Supports
Many different pictures communication supports our students use.

Communication is an important part of our student's academics and is worked on daily by teachers and staff.  To help support and increase the ways our students can interact, a variety of voice output devices are incorporated into the classroom learning activities. 

  • Single switch devices that allow our students to say "hello"
  • Multiple button switches to help students make choices between activities or to share their opinions such as "That was good." or "That was bad."
  • Variety of devices that record phrases that allow teachers to include pictures with even more choices. 

Using these devices, students can answer questions about stories, play games, or read books.  They are used along side the many other wonderful ways our students have learned to communicate such as using speech, signs, gestures, pictures, symbols, etc.  

3 button SwitchQuicktalker
Big Mac