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50 Days

Days before our first 50 days in school, we decorated our own t-shirts with fun colors. Each student hand printed his or her t-shirt with teacher Lorena. We read many stories about how it’s important to stay in school. We talked about how we felt when we just came back to in person learning. All of us were very excited to see our classmates and teachers. On our 50th day of school, each student walked into our classroom door which had decorations and we cheered them as they came in the class. They got happy and saw that this day was going to be fun. Later on, we went to the multipurpose room to see each classroom’s art projects. We had donuts for breakfast which they loved. During lunch, Emma’s mother was so generous and got us pizza and ice cream to continue with our celebration. Emma was a great host during our party; she was so excited to ask each or her classmate which kind of ice cream they wanted. We had so much fun that day.


-Siomara Cortave, Room 41